Writing down ideas.

Bloggers do such a nice job and arranging their posts and organizing their pages. My page wont be as ordered as I would like. Mine will be a little messy. I have studied and found out that I am a seat of the pants writer. I am nonlinear. I can write out of order easily. I think that’s the only way I can write. I will dream up whole scenes and I still don’t know where to stick them in but I know there is a place, somewhere to shoe horn them in nicely.

I added my new  notes ,I made last night ,to my note box. It is a craft box I bought from Walmart. I use it to keep my notes and tape and pens in. At work I take a piece of regular paper and fold it in half and fold it two more times. I can write on the front little section and then open it up and write on the inside two sections and turn it over on the back and write some more. If I turn the whole thing inside out I can write on those four sections, too. when you open the paper up you have written on the whole page, even though half of it is upside down. I take a pair of scissors and cut the sections up and tape them into my sketch books . I use those black six by eight books from Books a Million. Mole skins are nice but I just go the cheap route. I discovered that my little pages were easy to mix up since I wrote about one scene on many pages. I started putting a small number in the top corner. One through eight. I can cut them up and arrange them easily. I only use one side since I use a sharpie extra fine and it will bleed through to the other side. I don’t know if creative people are like that or not, but I find myself having to do things with a certain pen or book and nothing else will do. I also noticed my pile of folded notes is growing. I have to take the time to cut them all out and then tape them into my book. In case your wondering, no, I am not rewriting all those notes again. Taping them into the book looks good and it saves time, but I am still lazy about cutting and taping. I don’t do nearly as  many papers since I use Colornotes on my phone for the majority of my ideas. At my job I cant bring my phone in so I have to result to using paper. I hope this post isn’t to messy. I am decent about grammar,etc. but I leave a lot to be desired.

There is reason I fold up the paper  If fits neatly into my shirt pocket and my wallet. I cringe at the thought of someone finding my note page laying around my job. I move around a lot so I like to have it right in my front shirt pocket. I keep touching it to make sure its there.


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