Vision and imagination overload.

I always look for articles and books about creativity and vision. I want to know why some have it and some don’t. It is a never ending search. I want to know if it is genetics passed down in a family. Is it an accident of nature? Do introverts have better perception of their creativity. Sometimes I can see ideas playing like a movie on the inside of my eyes like a motion picture on a screen. I can hear something or see something on the street or just out of thin air and an idea will pop into my head and I write it down and later fine tune it. It is the ultimate fun to come up with something new. It seems there is nothing new. Everything is rehashed or shows up every 20 years as “fresh and new”. It isn’t. Its just being seen by a new generation that mostly doesn’t study the past. I have a very over active imagination that is not always my friend. Its a balance of the good and the bad. The good half is a great idea for a story line or a joke that I think no one has ever thought of. The bad part can be constant thoughts and scenarios running through your mind over and over. It is exhausting. That is why I need a lot of down time and time alone to let my mind rest and to regroup. Nothing comes without a price.


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