Delayed birth?

I think I was born fifty or sixty years late. I am not like anyone I know and I wonder if my birth was delayed. I like old art and books from the forties and fifties. That is why I  get most of my books so cheap. They are old and forgotten, but to me they are as up to date as today’s newspaper. I should say as old as todays news feed. Most people read online and use kindle for books. I love the feel of a real book. One with age and it has that “old book smell”. I love old art and artist that people don’t write about anymore and they aren’t brought up in conversation much. That’s why I love old biographies. I try to see their creative process but you also learn about their daily life. It is very interesting. I have been criticized for that. When I talk about my love of biography and writers and artists personal stories,  some people have said that’s too personal and I am just nosy (edit- I was also called voyeuristic). It bothered me, but now I understand that they have no creative life or vision and they are walking around on the planet with their eyes closed. They cant help it and I no longer talk to them about my personal interests.


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