I need a couple of those.

I have been reading Hannah McCall’s blog, http://proofreaderhannah.com/blog/, and it made me think of the word “couple”. Since it was invented it has always meant two. Not one or three or six. Just two. I began noticing when I went to a gas station, etc. and asked,” I need a couple of those tickets” or “I need a couple bottles of diet Mt. Dew” that I got the same response. “Ok, so how many do you want?” I want TWO. I have yet to see the clerk reach over and just lay down two of the item I wanted. A couple will never mean anything but two. Maybe I need to just ask for two in the future and keep my blood pressure at a decent rate.


2 thoughts on “I need a couple of those.

  1. Thanks for reading my blog! I agree – I think most people would presume you want two of something. ‘Couple’ does have an informal usage to mean ‘an indefinite small number’ so I can understand why it gets queried. I know from my experience working in customer service that it is always best to confirm exactly what the customer wants!


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