WITHDRAWN (blood red)

This is another thing I found inside the cover of an outstanding book. It’s about the life story of Louise Nevelson. She made art out of found objects that was mainly wood  dumped on the streets of New York. She had a decades long struggle to survive and be discovered. One story relates a limousine ride with the owner of a gallery. They were heading to a show and the gallery owner made the driver stop and help Louise load a pile of wood, on the curb, into the trunk of the limo so she could take it home.

I have already written about my love of getting to the direct source of a persons creative heart and learning about daily details of their life. Even mundane details of their daily activities and give you insight. One of the greatest things and artist or writer leaves, other than words, are photos. Ms. Nevelson left a large amount of pictures of her art and her studio and home. Pure visual heaven.

What I found from my five dollar Ebay purchase was a sticker noting the gifting of the book, to a school ,from a former student. How long it remained there is unclear, but it was discarded. Were there too many books on the shelves? I would have knocked out a wall and built on. I imagine it has something to do with the person picked to look at the books and choose something to remove. I wonder who that person was and what they had on their mind that day. Those kids were robbed of some great reading. Its ironic that the stamp is colored red. It was the blood of the book seeping out. Not literally of course. Just my over active imagination at work. The cold hard stamp “WITHDRAWN” and then the red for the sorrow of the book being removed from its place. Its spot on the shelf where it hoped to be seen by an eager student and read from cover to cover.




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