A long time ago…in the 1970’s

http://anaspoke.com/2015/11/30/772 is interviewing  http://matthewfitzsimmons.com/ about his new book in a few days. I have never heard of him so I went to his page to see what he was all about. He mentioned a life changing event. He saw Star Wars on the big screen in ’77. My mind wandered back to those days. I was 11 years old and G. Lucas’s target audience. (I just spent 10 minutes tying to figure out if its Lucas’ or Lucas’s) Kids today would have a hard time going back to the way things were  then. We had no internet or satellite  tv  and no easy-to-get home computers. We had  no social media and no microwave popcorn. We had no cell phones. We had one phone and one floor model tv. I was laying on the floor in front of it when I saw the first commercial for Star Wars. It was incredible. The opening theme by John Williams and the swing across the death star with Luke and the Princess. But I didn’t get to see it. There was no Youtube and no video stores. My saving grace was the fact that really good movies would have limited rereleases from time to time and just before Empire Strikes Back came out they put it back in theaters. I am proud of the fact that I saw the original film on the big screen.

Younger bloggers might wonder what I did before the internet age. I read voraciously. I sat and thought. During car rides I would look out the window and think and look and look and think. I know it helped my creative mind before I knew I had one. Maybe my creative mind was already working and caused me to do that. Who knows.




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