Creativity and Vision from two cartoonist.

If you can find a copy of “The Complete Calvin and Hobbes” and the “Tenth Anniversary of the Far Side collection”, the forewords of both contain detailed looks at the authors trails and tribulations at developing their cartoons. Both authors retired them  at the height of their popularity, because they didn’t want to run our of ideas and put out substandard material. Bill Waterson is a textbook example of a introvert. He was always guarded about what information he put out about “Calvin and Hobbes”. In his foreword he reveals all about the process of realizing his vision and the ordeal of getting published. Gary Larson reveals his creative genius in a funny and detailed foreword about the “Far side”. I have read both of them countless times. It is inspirational to see what these  people went through before they achieved success. One of the main themes is NEVER GIVE UP. Keep fighting and creating and dreaming.


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