Placing tags on myself

I like figuring out what I am. I found two great articles discussing different kinds of writing styles. I have always written in the nonlinear and pantser style, but I never knew they had names for it. I just thought it was the best way to write. I think it’s the only way I can write. Everyone has their own style and most people mix the styles together in a way that is comfortable to them. I have a ton of scenes and bits and pieces that I daydream about what order to place them in.

Here are the two articles. One and two

Can you have too many ideas?

I have floods of ideas. I could float on an inner tube if my ideas were water. I found some nice articles on the subject. Those articles are here and here. I never thought of it as trouble to have too many ideas and I love it when I reread my notes and have ideas for improving things I already improved. I might need a couple Tylenols just thinking about idea overload.

Introvert = Power

In the fourth grade I was accepted into a gifted and talented program in school. We did creative things but we never discussed why we were  creative or where the ideas came from. I had to leave that to the internet age. The collection of articles from world wide sources and the inclusion of decades of pages from magazines and books helped me understand more. Sites like Ebay helped, too. Finding a book  from a small town seller five states away made it easy to gain information. Opinions went from the front porch to people talking from Asia to Peru to Russia. But thing that bothers me is I didn’t find out I was an Introvert until a few months ago. Yes, I knew I was “different” but now I know why. In a way, I feel like I wasted so many years not realizing and harnessing that power and utilizing it to its full potential. Introvert equals power to me. Let me confess something. I totally missed my introvert revelation. A friend told me to look it up. I may have never known. I am almost fifty. If you are young and you know you are an introvert, you are so blessed. You have the resources to harness the good part of introversion and the wisdom of older people to help control the bad side of it. I still search for knowledge of creativity and vision everyday.

A note on Gaudier-Brzeska

A note before my note.

I do basic posts on things I like and I will put links up where you can find detailed information on the people I mention. There are bloggers here with detailed beautiful posts but I don’t have the time or patience to do that. I am a lot older than some here so I try to pass on research I have done in years past to keep history alive.

My note.

I took the pic of Steven Kings book “On Writing” while I had it laying on “Savage Messiah” about Henri Gaudier. He was living in deep poverty when he met Sophia Brzeska and they both had mental problems. It contains their letters to each other and insights into his creativity, despite being hungry and poor. Unfortunately, he was killed in the trenches of World War One. Sophia died in an asylum in 1925. In the last few decades her forgotten writing has been published and studied.

A top book on writing

I don’t usually like a book that everyone fawns over, but this book is different. It is a pleasure to read and I took my time page after page so I could savor it. Its been several years since it was published, so you can pick it up cheap on Ebay or Abebooks. It is considered one of the best books on writing. I think it deserves that recognition. When you get your copy turn your phone off and lock the door, get comfortable and open that first page and enjoy.

Sketch/note book choices

I have a moleskin and I know people love to use them but they are pricey. I started using the “store brand” black sketchbook from Books a Million.  They are about six by eight inches and satisfy all my needs. My comfort zone is an unlined book that I can write large notes that the lined books wont hold. That’s a good deal for six bucks. B and M was out of my favorite book one day and I happened to go to Walmart and noticed the same sized sketchbook in their art section. It is made with cheaper paper, but it was around five dollars so I picked one up. It doesn’t have the elastic band to hold the book together so I use a rubber band to keep it closed. You can see one, with the rubber band, in the picture of my books. There are several Walmart books mixed in with the B and N’s books. I don’t need museum quality papers or bindings since this is my rough note keepers. I can drop them on the ground and spill food on them without the least worry.

The reason I like Sharpie extra fine is I can see it better. I also like the way the ink flows. I need to get my notes down fast before I forget them. You wouldn’t believe the notes I have forgotten before the chance to put them on the page.


My closely guarded secret.

These books contain most of my book and art notes. Now I rely heavily on the Colornote app, on my phone. I type in all the notes I can and then email it to my computer and store it. I still hand write a lot of notes, at work, since I cant have my phone. I have been collecting my notes in these books for several years now. I also have several other journals of different sizes, but I chose to go with the same book and color so I could keep up with them. I numbered them on the inside page for the first few then I started doing drawings that included the book number. The drawings kept getting larger and more elaborate. I still have a large pile of my notes, taken at work, to tape in. I also went “crazy” and picked up two red books. 16 and 17 will be red. Maybe. I have never let anyone look at what I have written or drawn. I not ashamed of what I have in my sketch/note books, but I want to keep my ideas safe. Is that odd? I don’t think so. If you are blessed with an original idea, I think it pays to keep it under wraps until you decide what to do with it. As you can see in the pic book 15 has a Sharpie extra fine pen that I slide under the band used to hold the book closed. When I go back and flip through the pages I will add notes or correct things I overlooked originally. I started collecting notes for my best idea two years ago. I am still writing notes for it. There is no way I could have completed this in a few months. I don’t know how writers can pump out a beautiful complex work in a short time. I could have done it fast, but I keep adding so much color and detail. I would have missed the extra richness if I had rushed.