Is it possible to be unique?

Everyone wants to have unique ideas and to be fresh and new. I want to be that kind of writer. I guard my notes and my ideas. I don’t have to guard them too close, because the people I work with don’t seem to give a crap about books or reading. I thought I would be smart and investigate idea stealing and books that seem to have the same plot, etc. I know they say there are no new ideas under the sun and there are only a few plots that can be used in all books. I was surprised to learn that over a million books are published or self published each year for the past few years. In the last five years that means over five million books may have been published in the U.S. alone. That is incredible. I know most are self published and will not be read, except by family and friends. I can see how some ideas and stories may seem similar with millions of books available. It must be hard to prove plagiarism . I can understand how an author would be upset after working on something for years  and then see something similar. It must be an incredible experience to have a unique book, in an ocean of books.

If some of these facts and figures and thoughts are wrong, just remember I got them off the internet. These are just my musings.


2 thoughts on “Is it possible to be unique?

  1. narrativelyraw

    Kind of a terrifying thought for someone who is trying to write. There are a lot of books out there but I think that if you just paint out the pictures in your own unique head with your own words then you just kind of see what happens when people read it. That’s kind of all we can do. Maybe I’m naively optimistic about but I like writing for my own enjoyment and being surprised when their are a few weirdos out there like me who like what I write. IDK. Just replying when you probably weren’t asking. LOL


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