When the”idea” voice is quiet

My cousin and his mother were born with the creative spirit. I heard him say that they couldn’t sit down with paper and pencil and begin writing. The idea entered their mind and then they could start. That idea might arrive at three in the morning or driving down the road. You get the idea?

My imagination has something going on all the time. I even dream ideas that I don’t remember until later in the day. I will be working at two in the afternoon and the memory of the dream pops up. I am glad I don’t dream very much. My mind needs a rest. As an introvert I need rest anyway. At my job if I am assigned to the right post, I can park and clear my thoughts for thirty minutes at a time. This is my third shift job. I need that quiet time. I park and turn off the radio and let my brain rest. I have written down hundreds of ideas and dialogue fragments. I actually came up with my greatest idea while parked in the dark. For years I had so many great ideas but just laughed at them and let the thought slip away. I am a firm believer in the idea that if you don’t place a thought into memory or write it down, you might totally forget it in eighteen seconds. Now, I write down everything but I do edit it before keeping it. I have thrown out notes that I read and wondered why I even took the time to save it. I am way behind in cutting up my folded notes and taping them into my sketch book. I was a little worried a few days ago. I hadn’t written any notes on my phone app or my paper. Then I had about twenty or thirty note worthy ideas. I had to write fast. I had so many I almost forgot some. They came quickly and it made me think of my cousin. Don’t worry,  the ideas will come. Maybe in a trickle or maybe in a flood, but they will come.


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