Buzz Feed.Things only introverts will understand

Buzz Feed article . I must admit that I never understood why I act the way I do. A friend told me I was an introvert and I needed to research it. I should have known thirty years ago, but I figured it was some other “thing” that was wrong with me. I will get around to writing about my personal introvert traits. I am a textbook example of one and finding out opened my eyes. It cleared out the forest so I could see the light.


3 thoughts on “Buzz Feed.Things only introverts will understand

    1. I agree. I feel empowered and blessed to be one. I know it’s not all roses and peaches, but I wouldn’t want to be anything else. Now, I know I can harness this power and do great things. In the past I thought something was wrong with me. In fact, something was “right” with me. I lost a lot of years, but not anymore.

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      1. Society tends to be geared towards the extroverted but there are some lovely niches for us if we look in the right places, or create them for ourselves, helps to be around people that understand intros can get a lot done we just need our own space, cheers for finding solace

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