My closely guarded secret.

These books contain most of my book and art notes. Now I rely heavily on the Colornote app, on my phone. I type in all the notes I can and then email it to my computer and store it. I still hand write a lot of notes, at work, since I cant have my phone. I have been collecting my notes in these books for several years now. I also have several other journals of different sizes, but I chose to go with the same book and color so I could keep up with them. I numbered them on the inside page for the first few then I started doing drawings that included the book number. The drawings kept getting larger and more elaborate. I still have a large pile of my notes, taken at work, to tape in. I also went “crazy” and picked up two red books. 16 and 17 will be red. Maybe. I have never let anyone look at what I have written or drawn. I not ashamed of what I have in my sketch/note books, but I want to keep my ideas safe. Is that odd? I don’t think so. If you are blessed with an original idea, I think it pays to keep it under wraps until you decide what to do with it. As you can see in the pic book 15 has a Sharpie extra fine pen that I slide under the band used to hold the book closed. When I go back and flip through the pages I will add notes or correct things I overlooked originally. I started collecting notes for my best idea two years ago. I am still writing notes for it. There is no way I could have completed this in a few months. I don’t know how writers can pump out a beautiful complex work in a short time. I could have done it fast, but I keep adding so much color and detail. I would have missed the extra richness if I had rushed.


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