Sketch/note book choices

I have a moleskin and I know people love to use them but they are pricey. I started using the “store brand” black sketchbook from Books a Million.  They are about six by eight inches and satisfy all my needs. My comfort zone is an unlined book that I can write large notes that the lined books wont hold. That’s a good deal for six bucks. B and M was out of my favorite book one day and I happened to go to Walmart and noticed the same sized sketchbook in their art section. It is made with cheaper paper, but it was around five dollars so I picked one up. It doesn’t have the elastic band to hold the book together so I use a rubber band to keep it closed. You can see one, with the rubber band, in the picture of my books. There are several Walmart books mixed in with the B and N’s books. I don’t need museum quality papers or bindings since this is my rough note keepers. I can drop them on the ground and spill food on them without the least worry.

The reason I like Sharpie extra fine is I can see it better. I also like the way the ink flows. I need to get my notes down fast before I forget them. You wouldn’t believe the notes I have forgotten before the chance to put them on the page.


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