Introvert = Power

In the fourth grade I was accepted into a gifted and talented program in school. We did creative things but we never discussed why we were  creative or where the ideas came from. I had to leave that to the internet age. The collection of articles from world wide sources and the inclusion of decades of pages from magazines and books helped me understand more. Sites like Ebay helped, too. Finding a book  from a small town seller five states away made it easy to gain information. Opinions went from the front porch to people talking from Asia to Peru to Russia. But thing that bothers me is I didn’t find out I was an Introvert until a few months ago. Yes, I knew I was “different” but now I know why. In a way, I feel like I wasted so many years not realizing and harnessing that power and utilizing it to its full potential. Introvert equals power to me. Let me confess something. I totally missed my introvert revelation. A friend told me to look it up. I may have never known. I am almost fifty. If you are young and you know you are an introvert, you are so blessed. You have the resources to harness the good part of introversion and the wisdom of older people to help control the bad side of it. I still search for knowledge of creativity and vision everyday.


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