Somebody stop me!…on the idea express.

I have had a very productive weekend. I had to do training for four days and regular work for the next three. I was in a classroom group setting and it stifled my creativity like pouring water on a fire. All the talking and all the personalities keep my mind spinning. Friday night at my regular job, I was left alone, and I felt like I was on a speeding train in the mountains out of control. The conductor happened to be my Muse. I wrote down three pages of notes rapid fire. Thoughts and ideas came from everywhere. The notes I wrote down have the potential for many chapters. I held my head out the idea trains window and felt the cool air on my face. I think all my ideas had backed up like a clogged pipe, at training, and my Muse sent them to me all at once. Last night my out of control train turned into a hot air balloon. I was floating effortlessly through the skies about a deep green forest below. I was back in my groove. I did one page of notes and they were great ideas, too. They were an extension of the ones that came so furiously the night before. I will add a photo of my notes later. I put them together with a red paper clip so they wont get separated. It is hard enough to read my own handwriting and even tougher when the pages get lost in the jumble of my note collection.

Air Jordan on his success and its affect on me.

Jordan speaks. I don’t think I will fret over losing that one page of notes. I know more pages will come and more ideas than I can scribble down. The other night I wrote down three pages of notes, during my breaks and when it was quiet. I don’t write a lot of notes when there is a lot of noise or people around. My Muse is affected by it. Noise or people having loud conversations stifles my imagination. Quiet time is the right time. Don’t get me wrong. If I am in a loud noise situation, but I am not involved in it, I can have ideas. The worse thing that happens is having your Muse slide and idea right in the middle of being busy and I have no way to write it down. I think she does that on purpose. Seven out of ten of those creative tidbits are lost, but I do have enough brain power to remember three of them. If Michael Jordan can make that many misses, then I can live with a few notes lost. I can live with it, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

“Save the cat” and the obligitory “death scene”

I can understand making your character a nicer person by having him save a cat or a puppy or helping an old lady by reaching on a high shelf at the store and handing her what she needs. Maybe he or she helps a kid at the hardware store find an item he needs. If you start looking for these in movies and tv shows they will jump right out at you. But, I hate the fact of having to kill of a great character. Life is hard enough as it is. I never forgave them for killing “ole yeller”. One the other hand if you notice, when we remake foreign films where a major character dies, the character magically lives. Maybe it is because I am older and I have seen these repetitive actions so many times. I don’t want to seem like an old fart, but I think it is a cheap way to fool younger people who don’t understand yet. I am a little cranky. This would be a great spot for an “LOL”, but that seems overused, too.

When does your Muse tap you on the shoulder?

I am always happy when my Muse whispers in my ear. Lately, it seems I receive my gift of ideas while I am driving down the road. I have already confessed that I have to write my notes down quickly to preserve it. I have forgotten more ideas than most people ever have. I should pull over and add it to my Colornote app. A person who uses their knee to steady the truck while they type and peek at the road should not admit to that. Pull over or keep repeating the idea over and over so you wont forget it. Move your lips as you say the idea so people in other cars will think you are losing it. If you forget that thought you have lost it. just pull over to a safe spot and type a note on your phone. Sometimes I laugh, out of pure delight, at my new “never before thought of idea”.

A final thought. Just pull over. If I had a voice recorder I could talk and drive. I need to look into getting one of those.

Can you write a sentence that has never been published?

I always stress over my ideas and I keep going through my notes, wondering if it has never been imagined in the world. Is it a unique idea, a fresh creation never thought of or dreamed about. I figured I would do a little research, so I consulted google and within a few minutes I had my answer. No.  Its the way you arrange your story that matters. If you think of it, it has already been thought of. It has already been written and it has already been dreamed of. A million times. I don’t think I am going worry about it anymore. I am going to write what I can using my creativity and my personal vision. I can only let the fates determine if it is successful. How many books have been overlooked in history and how many manuscripts were not written because the person doubted himself or his abilities. How many hidden notes and hand written novels were lost due to accidents or maybe the writer died and his creation was thrown out with the trash. You can read articles on the Philadelphia Wire Man, whose  small abstract sculptures were found in the trash. They were found at the last moment before being hauled away. What about the life of Henry Darger who left a 15,000 page manuscript and artworks. He died and they were found by the landlord. The google article with the guesstimate of all modern books. An article on Henry Darger. Info on the Philadelphia Wireman.

So what if you don’t believe in my Muse

Some people believe in a Muse. I certainly do. I don’t know how to describe her or it. Sometimes she is a female and sometimes it is inspiration from thin air. My Muse is whatever gives me the idea or the vision to think farther about something I saw or heard or felt. It pushes me a little beyond regular thought and makes me wonder “what if” and then a new idea/vision emerges and if I am fast enough I can write it down and not forget it. I have done my fair share of “forgetting”. I wish I could dig into my forgotten file and peer through that fog. There really is a forgotten file. We will never find it. That’s why it is named…well, you get the picture. My Muse was working overtime this morning. I had ideas upon ideas. I wrote them all  down, too. Sorry ,”forgotten file”. You can’t have these thoughts.