So what if you don’t believe in my Muse

Some people believe in a Muse. I certainly do. I don’t know how to describe her or it. Sometimes she is a female and sometimes it is inspiration from thin air. My Muse is whatever gives me the idea or the vision to think farther about something I saw or heard or felt. It pushes me a little beyond regular thought and makes me wonder “what if” and then a new idea/vision emerges and if I am fast enough I can write it down and not forget it. I have done my fair share of “forgetting”. I wish I could dig into my forgotten file and peer through that fog. There really is a forgotten file. We will never find it. That’s why it is named…well, you get the picture. My Muse was working overtime this morning. I had ideas upon ideas. I wrote them all  down, too. Sorry ,”forgotten file”. You can’t have these thoughts.


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