Can you write a sentence that has never been published?

I always stress over my ideas and I keep going through my notes, wondering if it has never been imagined in the world. Is it a unique idea, a fresh creation never thought of or dreamed about. I figured I would do a little research, so I consulted google and within a few minutes I had my answer. No.  Its the way you arrange your story that matters. If you think of it, it has already been thought of. It has already been written and it has already been dreamed of. A million times. I don’t think I am going worry about it anymore. I am going to write what I can using my creativity and my personal vision. I can only let the fates determine if it is successful. How many books have been overlooked in history and how many manuscripts were not written because the person doubted himself or his abilities. How many hidden notes and hand written novels were lost due to accidents or maybe the writer died and his creation was thrown out with the trash. You can read articles on the Philadelphia Wire Man, whose  small abstract sculptures were found in the trash. They were found at the last moment before being hauled away. What about the life of Henry Darger who left a 15,000 page manuscript and artworks. He died and they were found by the landlord. The google article with the guesstimate of all modern books. An article on Henry Darger. Info on the Philadelphia Wireman.


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