When does your Muse tap you on the shoulder?

I am always happy when my Muse whispers in my ear. Lately, it seems I receive my gift of ideas while I am driving down the road. I have already confessed that I have to write my notes down quickly to preserve it. I have forgotten more ideas than most people ever have. I should pull over and add it to my Colornote app. A person who uses their knee to steady the truck while they type and peek at the road should not admit to that. Pull over or keep repeating the idea over and over so you wont forget it. Move your lips as you say the idea so people in other cars will think you are losing it. If you forget that thought you have lost it. just pull over to a safe spot and type a note on your phone. Sometimes I laugh, out of pure delight, at my new “never before thought of idea”.

A final thought. Just pull over. If I had a voice recorder I could talk and drive. I need to look into getting one of those.


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