“Save the cat” and the obligitory “death scene”

I can understand making your character a nicer person by having him save a cat or a puppy or helping an old lady by reaching on a high shelf at the store and handing her what she needs. Maybe he or she helps a kid at the hardware store find an item he needs. If you start looking for these in movies and tv shows they will jump right out at you. But, I hate the fact of having to kill of a great character. Life is hard enough as it is. I never forgave them for killing “ole yeller”. One the other hand if you notice, when we remake foreign films where a major character dies, the character magically lives. Maybe it is because I am older and I have seen these repetitive actions so many times. I don’t want to seem like an old fart, but I think it is a cheap way to fool younger people who don’t understand yet. I am a little cranky. This would be a great spot for an “LOL”, but that seems overused, too.


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