Air Jordan on his success and its affect on me.

Jordan speaks. I don’t think I will fret over losing that one page of notes. I know more pages will come and more ideas than I can scribble down. The other night I wrote down three pages of notes, during my breaks and when it was quiet. I don’t write a lot of notes when there is a lot of noise or people around. My Muse is affected by it. Noise or people having loud conversations stifles my imagination. Quiet time is the right time. Don’t get me wrong. If I am in a loud noise situation, but I am not involved in it, I can have ideas. The worse thing that happens is having your Muse slide and idea right in the middle of being busy and I have no way to write it down. I think she does that on purpose. Seven out of ten of those creative tidbits are lost, but I do have enough brain power to remember three of them. If Michael Jordan can make that many misses, then I can live with a few notes lost. I can live with it, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.


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