Somebody stop me!…on the idea express.

I have had a very productive weekend. I had to do training for four days and regular work for the next three. I was in a classroom group setting and it stifled my creativity like pouring water on a fire. All the talking and all the personalities keep my mind spinning. Friday night at my regular job, I was left alone, and I felt like I was on a speeding train in the mountains out of control. The conductor happened to be my Muse. I wrote down three pages of notes rapid fire. Thoughts and ideas came from everywhere. The notes I wrote down have the potential for many chapters. I held my head out the idea trains window and felt the cool air on my face. I think all my ideas had backed up like a clogged pipe, at training, and my Muse sent them to me all at once. Last night my out of control train turned into a hot air balloon. I was floating effortlessly through the skies about a deep green forest below. I was back in my groove. I did one page of notes and they were great ideas, too. They were an extension of the ones that came so furiously the night before. I will add a photo of my notes later. I put them together with a red paper clip so they wont get separated. It is hard enough to read my own handwriting and even tougher when the pages get lost in the jumble of my note collection.


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