Nothing to laugh about.

Not a stellar night of note taking. I can tell I forced these ideas …a little. I think I had my Muse’s arm twisted behind her back, so she tossed out a few scrappy ideas. I need to apologize to my Muse. It won’t be the first time I have done that. After multiple pages,last week, I could only come up with half a page. If I hadn’t written with large letters it might have been a quarter of a page. Maybe she took the day off. I have been blessed with a ton of ideas lately. With my head in the clouds and feeling a little cocky, she put me in my place. I need to respect my Muse and not force anything. If its not there, you cant make it be there. I don’t need more notes right now. I have so many pages that need to be cut up and taped into my writing books. It gives me a head ache just looking at the pile. There is so much more to do than just get the ideas. Ideas come easy for me. Its the using of the notes that gives me trouble. I need to tighten up.


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