Looking for glue at the scene of the grime.

What? He repeated, “They are looking for clues at the scene of the crime”. My hearing isn’t what it used to be. People say one thing and I hear another. That leads to new notes and ideas for me, but I have to ask, “what did you say?” That’s why you need note taking materials on hand at all times. I have a friend who has a “space” pen by her bed with a notebook. A space pen has an ink cartridge that is pressurized. If you are laying in bed you can write upside down and the ink won’t stop flowing. I will take an idea wherever it appears. My Muse will hide ideas like Easter eggs. I don’t mind getting a basket and beating the bushes for hidden gems. I am always looking for the next snippet of dialogue or note worthy idea. She gives me plenty, but I keep getting little reminders to be thankful. Having to dig deep for an idea is like exercise for a writer’s mind. You can’t always have it easy and nothing comes without a little work. I think you appreciate it more.



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