I’m a note taking-you-know-what.

I finished my book-journal-note-thing 15, with a flurry of activity. I was doing 80 mph in a 55 mph zone. I may have hit a wind assisted 85…I’m not sure. Anyway, Me and Elmer Stick E. got the job done at blazing speeds. I was so tired, I couldn’t finish the rest of the pile. I am going to try and make time tomorrow to get caught up. I know some of my posts are short and sweet, but I don’t like to add filler. Check out the pic. I had to double the rubber band to hold it together. Its the addition of the cut up note pages and a ton of scotch tape that makes it so thick. I am hoping just using the glue stick will remove some of the bulkiness. I think I have put my note books on a diet. If that rubber band breaks, notes will explode like the fourth of July. I might add another rubber band for protection.


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