My new friend, Mr. Glue Stick.

Talk about a life saver. I have written before about my huge note pile and no time to put the cut up pages into my sketch-note- journal whatever you want to call it. I have to fold my sheet size note paper enough times to fit in my pocket so I  can write ideas down in a hurry. My job doesn’t allow use of my phone and its Colornote app. I am not going to rewrite all of that into my main book so I have been cutting the pages down and scotch taping them in the journal. I wanted some glue type thing but I also didn’t want to wait for pages to dry. I was afraid the glue would bleed through and stick the pages together. I finally decided to try the glue stick. It worked perfectly. I did a pile and a half of note sticking last night. Along the way, I made another mistake. I finished journal 15 and hopped on over to my red 16 and started filling it with notes. I happened to look at the front and noticed I grabbed the wrong red book. I have two copies. What to do? I am much to bothered to redo my books, so now I have 16a and 16b. My original 16 is the b and the one I picked up by mistake is 16a. Problem solved. I am not hard to please, but I will admit that I have a basket full of quirks associated with being Introvert. I think of them as beautiful quirks and I can’t print what others call them.


2 thoughts on “My new friend, Mr. Glue Stick.

  1. I am known as the PUNisher. lol. I was going to open up the post by talking about my “sticky” situation. My puns are so bad that I almost get PUNched, if you know what I mean. Stick around for more posts.


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