The BIG 150

I just passed 150 pages of notes that I write down using the Colornote app. I talk a lot about my note books the app and putting notes on folded paper at work. I have no set amount of ideas or notes that I consider a page. It might be less than a natural page or it might be more. When I am happy with the amount I send it by email ( the app does it easily) to my Gmail account. I have a colornote folder and I put the email there. I put number 151 in its folder tonight. I figured out how to email my note to my account and move it to its proper folder directly from my phone. I love the quickness. I can move on to something else. It is funny to reread the notes and not remember the ideas included. If I had not written it down, it would be lost forever. When I first started note keeping, I wrote them down on scraps of paper or on the backs of business cards, etc. It took me a long time to perfect a system that I was comfortable with. My writing journals, the colornote app and folded paper for work is my system. Where ever I am, I am covered when my Muse sends me something. I keep my phone, by my bed, in case I dream and idea or I am thinking through my day. You have to get it while you can. With all this idea coverage, I STILL lose good ones. Someone will call or start talking just as I am trying to place it in my memory and the next thing you know…it is gone. And they don’t leave a forwarding address.


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