Throwing away one of the worlds greatest tools

How could you? Maybe the letters it wrote weren’t dark enough or you thought it was too short. When I spotted this, I stood motionless for a minute. I could understand if it was trimmed till you couldn’t hold it or if the eraser was missing. It was cold and dreary today and this was laying just off the parking lot at a doctor’s office. Now it is warm and dry and in my pen collection. I plan to always keep it. Yes, I know it is an inanimate object. This object has written untold millions of papers, books, notes and without it I don’t know where we would be as far as the spreading of knowledge is concerned. We have computers and phones to do all our typing and note taking. I don’t even carry a pen like I did in the past. I bet the first designs for all of our tech devices was drawn on a piece of paper with a pencil. All lumber used to build the houses you are in now were cut with saws that line up with a pencil mark.


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