Season of the “Which”…my horror story.

As in, which way will I go now. Will I continue making notes and keeping scraps of dialogue or will I start building the frame work for my novel? I have enough ideas and notes for ten books. I would like to transfer all my written notes to my computer because I intend to complete it on my laptop. I intend to use one of the writing programs like “scrivener” or “ywriter”. There are many programs and I have been browsing around looking at them. I have given some of them a test drive. I really like scrivener but there is a learning curve. I thought learning how to type was hard.

Which way to go?

I have so many ideas and scenarios for my characters that I could do five books and they wouldn’t even be sequels. I would be the same story divided up into manageable sized books.

I am going to try and start entering my notebook information onto my laptop and begin sorting things out. I am not much into outlining but I will have to put something down on paper to give me some idea of the scope of this thing. I am a non linear writer. It just works for me. To each his own. I enjoy the freedoms that writers have.

It feels like I am stopped at a crossroad. I have to make a decision. I think when I make the decision to “go for it” , I will look back and wonder why I didn’t do it sooner.

It is time. My characters are looking at me. My Muse is looking at me. I am looking at myself in the mirror. It may be the fear of the unknown. It is time to step on the gas and put my book together. I am nervous and happy, too.


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