Thoughtzilla and the Light Bulb Brigade

Have you had an idea or a thought today? Imagine you are standing in the middle of the Superdome in Louisiana. It is dark and quiet. All of the sudden, every light in the stadium powers on at the same time. That’s the light bulb over my head. I have so many thoughts and ideas, it can be exhausting. I know ideas drive the writers world, but I do appreciate it when my Muse is quiet. Most people have their Muse open the front gate and walk in with ideas in a nice way. My Muse comes in like a female Rambo with the idea machine gun blazing. I have to take notes fast. I would never offend my Muse, but I wonder what she expects of me. What do I owe in return. If She gives much, shouldn’t I return the favor? I feel like I have been blessed with many good I ideas and I can never repay the gift from my creative senses. Maybe payment will be putting it all together and no more delaying.


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