My Muse requests a toll.

Pay as you go. On my journey as a note taking fool, preparing to put together my first book, I have hit many bumps in the road. My Muse has been left bleeding and bruised. She returns the favor with vengeance. I feel like I am on a road with many toll booths and no money in my pockets. I have doubts and worries. You cant pay a toll with that. My toll money is “thought and idea” retention. Muse(She) is riding the chariot and I am the horse. You know who is holding the whip. Outside influences add weight to my writing process. I try not to let it affect me, but it is at the feet of my Muse. “She” has been quiet the last few days. I don’t like that. It gets mentally taxing when I get note overload, but I would rather have that than the alternative. I am an introvert. I have other things going on now, undiagnosed. I don’t like what I do to “her”. I don’t want to abuse my creative, idea producing, inner self. Maybe it comes with the territory. My toll payment is putting my notes together and proceeding down a road I  have only dreamed of. I am on notebook 18. I keep taking notes. And more notes. And notes and notes.

This may be incoherent. I am just writing my thoughts down. So many bloggers do beautiful prep work and publish great pieces. I don’t have the time or energy. It may be ragged, but you get the picture.


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