Looking for “Likes” in all the wrong places.

As an Introvert, I take a different road than your garden variety extrovert. Notice the lower case “e”. Introverts will understand this post. Thats preaching to the choir. But, there are lots of people in the middle that dont understsnd what we go through each day. I feel “odd” in ctowds and I want to run away. Sometimes I have to go to the bathroom for some quiet time. You can feel the release in your body. Well, I can feel it. I look at extroverts and they seem alien to me. How do you live like tha? Why do you act like that? I have studied about you. I have observed you. I understand you get your batteries charged by interacting with other people. You get uour fulfilment from being with other people. I imagine extroverts looking at other humans and recharging witelessly through your open glazed over eyes. I always knew i was different but never knew why. I love working alone. I dont need crowds. I don’t like crowded cities either. Some folks probably think Introverts are prima donnas. We aren’t. We just have certain needs and desires that are different than yours. We dont need adrenaline rushes either. We have that built in. I don’t need to parachute or bungie jump or any kind of amusement park ride. I have a roller coaster, bottle toss, ballon dart popping thrill ride hot wired in my brain. We are very observant. extroverts be aware. We are looking at you.

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