999 extroverts

You have 1000 people in a meeting hall. Pick out the single Introvert. The Introvert will probably be leaning against the wall watching the extro’s getting drunk on each others company. People are batteries for extro’s. Introverts have built in batteries. We can work alone without crying the blues of loneliness. The Intro will have a tag with no name written on it. We don”t need to have our name known. It’s not important. The best way to find the Intro? Watch the door. We will be the first out of it, of course, without telling anyone. I don’t know how you got one of us at the meeting/party to begin with.

2 thoughts on “999 extroverts

  1. Intro’s are the ones who see everything, everyone and everything in everyone and in between. They’re like a spider at the centre of a web detecting every vibration. In a room of a thousand they can tell who really likes who and who is pretending, who smokes and who doesn’t, who is more intelligent, who’s dating who, who’s from the city and who’s from the country side, all this and more without asking a question. After all why ask if you can tell from looking?


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