Confessions of an Introvert, part one…maybe.

We don’t confess.
Part two will be shorter.
Just kidding.
I have written alot about Introverts in my previous posts, but their is always something to be said about our kind. Even if it has been said one hundred times. I just got a chill. I knew something was different anout me, but I couldn’t figure it out. A good friend, studying psychology, talked with me and told me she thought I was an Introvert (always capitilized).
Yes, I can work with people and do customer service. Why? I need a paycheck. When I am off work, no one can find me , because I like being by myself. Im more than a little antisocial. I am not mean though. It is just the way I am. It is the classic Introvert symptom of a crowd draiming my batteries. I need the quiet time to recharge. I have people that I love and enjoy being with. A small group. Look at my photo. It is the picture of a door. The door is closed. I function with the crowd … from a distance. From the fringe, the edge. I won’t move up in my job, because I get to be alone in a truck, sitting in a corner, observing. I don’t have the radio on. I am resting my mind and guess who shows up 75% of the time. My Muse. I practically came up with the core of my ideas, sitting in that corner. It amazes me what ideas that some peace and quiet will bring forth. My greatest writing idea came from that spot.

I am from the South and the Bible belt. I have a hard time attending services due to being an Introvert. The crowds and all the togetherness affect me deeply. I didn’t check my usage of “affect/effect” .  I can do the crowd scene but it makes me queasy on the inside. I can go to the theater. You have to be quiet and it is dark.

2 thoughts on “Confessions of an Introvert, part one…maybe.

  1. I have a feeling that there are many amazing people in the world who are introverts. Understanding your personality is filled with insight – it’s great that you’re not judging being an introvert with negativity! Nice post. 🙂

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  2. inkbiotic

    This is profound and true. There are people who take energy from others, and people who take energy from being alone. The world needs both kinds of people, but they will always struggle to understand each other. I hope you find some peace today, 🙂


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