My new friend

I found a new tool to help my writing.I already have two, but they are 1927 and 1947 royals.They weigh a ton. This one is a 1961, or 2, royal signet.It is lightweight and portable. I got it at a thrift store for 35 dollars. It has the case and paperwork. I cleaned it up and it types great. I ordered a new ribbon from ebay.

I had the chance to watch the new film “California Typewriter”. I watched it 3 times in a row. It is a film about the history of typewriters and has many celebrities talking about their love of the machines and a company that still repairs and restores them. Watch it. It was made for us.

4 thoughts on “My new friend

  1. I love the idea of a typewriter but I’m always making mistakes, so much so that I even use erasable pens for everything except legal documents and checks. I used to love using an electric typewriter that was much more forgiving of mistakes. I admire those who can type out full stories on a typewriter. I’m guessing you are one of those people!

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