Voice to text…I love you.

I do everything I can to make it easier to get work done. I finally found a program to put my note collection on my laptop so I can work with it. It was a long process of looking and thinking and looking somemore. I settled on Evernote and I love it. I have it synched with my phone and laptop. I can put stuff in notebooks and tag it for easy look up. I have 24 books of notes and 350 emails full of notes, etc. Evernote lets me move all that online and to the cloud. I dont have the patience or the memory to go through all that and not forget a juicy tidbit. My process involves quickly writing an idea and forgetting it. I write it so I dont have to remember it. I have been pounding the keyboards to enter all this and work and regular activites slow down the process. It dawned on me to try voice to text. Play the theme song to “Rocky”. It has saved me so much time. Its a pleasure to pick out what notes i really love and speak it onto my phone and directly into Evernote. To tell the truth, I was not enjoying the lengthy process of transcribing all that info online. I am having fun now. I have 18 notebooks to go and I am going to use 95% voice to text. I still want to use the keyboard so I wont lose what typing skills I have.

My newest manual laptop

I had another great day exploring a thrift store. I found a Olympia SM8 from 1976 still in its case. Someone had messed up the ribbon, but I cut out the bad part and reinstalled it. Types great. No other adjusting needed. I did clean the surface of some scuffs and stains and it looks new. It’s funny how things change and you don’t notice. I can’t find any typing paper. It is all printer or copy paper. You have to order typing paper online.

The case had a 25 dollar sticker for a “desktop computer”. I thought that was funny.